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EUR 42.0006 42.8406
USD 30.4 31.008
ZAR 2.9008 2.9588


Events and Social Responsability

Standard Bank forecasts accelerated GDP growth for Mozambique

Standard Bank expects the growth of Mozambique's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to accelerate from an average of 7.3 % over the past 10 years to around 8%, in line with the government's projections which positions Mozambique amongst the fastest growing economies in the region.

Standard Bank to open a new branch in Pemba

Standard Bank is in the process of building a new branch in the city of Pemba, specifically in the Cariaco neighbourhood, as part of its branch expansion and modernization strategy.

LMF distinguishes Standard Bank

Standard Bank was recognized by the Mozambican Soccer League through a certificate of merit during the Gala that marked the launch of Moçambola, 2014 edition, held in Maputo, on 11th March, as one of the companies that stood out in support of soccer.

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