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An overdraft is a facility linked to the client’s account, with a previously agreed limit. Since withdrawals may be effected at any time, this type of facility is ideal to pay daily expenses, especially to overcome shortfalls when the client has cash problems.

The overdraft is subject to minimum and maximum limits and the account manager will agree these limits with his/her client.

This is a flexible facility – the client withdraws only the sum that he/she needs at the time and pays only the funds used.

Term Loans
A term loan is an advance made by a financial institution for a certain period of time, to be repaid, together with interest, at regular intervals.

Bank guarantees
Bid bonds
A bid bond indicates that your company has the capacity required to perform a certain work for which it has bid.

It demonstrates to the client that the price quoted is reliable, that the bid submitted is genuine and that your company is firmly committed to the project. It also serves to guarantee payment of the guaranteed amount to the beneficiary (your client).

Performance bonds
A performance bond indicates that your company has the techniques and knowledge required to perform the work requested and is prepared to meet the terms and conditions of the contract. It also serves to support your contract and guarantees payment to the beneficiary (your client) in the event of default under the contractual terms.

Advance payment bond
An advance payment bond guarantees to the beneficiary (the purchaser) that his advance payment will be repaid if the principal (the supplier) does not fulfil the terms of the contract.

Guarantees for court purposes
The bank also issues guarantees for court purposes.

Events & Social Responsabilities

Chuma Nwokocha is the new Managing Director of Standard Bank

Adimohanma Chukwuma Nwokocha, better known as Chuma Nwokocha, is the new Managing Director of Standard Bank Mozambique, replacing António Coutinho, who will now head Standard Bank Angola, in the context of the Standard Bank Group’s practice of executive rotation.

Standard Bank awards champion and runner-up from Moçambola 2014

Standard Bank awarded Liga Desportiva from Maputo and Ferroviario from Nampula, as the champion and runner-up of the 2014 edition of Mozambique’s main soccer competition, respectively. The award ceremony took place on Friday, February 27th, during the launch of the 2015 edition of Moçambola.