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Joy of Jazz Current Account Campaign Winners already Known

The three new winners of the Joy of Jazz current account campaign, promoted by Standard Bank, between August 1 and September 10, were announced last Monday, September 25, in Maputo.

They are Elto Mavie, Fatima Fargelgamali and Tomás Jasse, who will benefit from all-expenses paid for two trip to South Africa to attend the Joy of Jazz festival to be held in Sandton from September 29th to 30th.
The three customers were selected from a range of about five thousand people who opened new accounts, under the Current Account campaign.

Speaking at the award ceremony, Alfredo Mucavela, the head of Standard Bank's Marketing and Communications Department, said that the winners made the right decision by becoming clients of Standard Bank, Mozambique's oldest, solid and digital bank.

"For the bank, you are more than customers, who are here to save money. We are ready to help you achieve your dreams and move forward, day after day, "he said, adding that to prove we are offering this trip for the Africa's largest jazz festival, with all expenses paid by the bank.

But in addition, according to Alfredo Mucavela, we provide a variety of benefits for the new customers, such as access to the bank account through digital channels and managers ready to guide them on choosing the best products and services.

"Apart from QuiQ, which allows transactions on the phone, even without having credit or internet access, we also have NetPlus (Internet Banking) that also allows access to the account on the computer to make various payments like water, electricity, and to transfer money to other banks, "said Alfredo Mucavela.

In another development, he highlighted the fact that Standard Bank offers ATM's Deposits, which make it possible to deposit money anywhere and at any time without having to visit a branch.

Visibly excited, Elto Mavie said that when got the call from the bank informing that he had been selected for a trip to South Africa to attend the jazz festival, he firstly could not believe.

"I am now confirming that I have actually won and that I have made a good choice when I decided to open an account with Standard Bank, since I am benefiting from a diversified range of products and services that, besides being very useful, they also guarantee security," remarked Elto Mavie.

In her turn, Fátima Fargelgamali explained that she opted to open an account with Standard Bank because she had always believed that this is one of the best banks in the country. "I was very well received and the process of opening the account was very fast. One of the things that impressed me most is the fact that some branches close well beyond normal business hours, "she concluded.

Events & Social Responsabilities

First branch in Ribáuè district

On Tuesday, December 26th, we have opened a new branch in the Ribáuè district in Nampula province, which, in addition to a traditional banking area, has a digital area, opened 24 hours a day, with ATMs for cash deposits.

Christmas with children

Children hospitalized at the nursery and wards of the Paediatric Services of José Macamo General Hospital (HGJM) benefited, on December 22nd, from a snack and basic foodstuff offered by Standard Bank, under the initiative “Christmas for Patients”,integrated as part of the corporate social responsibility of this financial services provider.