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Standard Bank caresses hospitalized children

Standard Bank visited on December 9th, hospitalized children in the nursery and paediatric wards of the José Macamo General Hospital, in Maputo, aligned with the “Solidarity Christmas” initiative, as part of the corporate social responsibility intervention of the Bank.

During the visit, held for the seventh consecutive year, Standard Bank offered toys to children and food baskets to their companions; performed various recreational activities, among dance, theatre and treasure hunting, ending with a lunch for the children.

According to Fernando Oliveira, Standard Bank’s representative, this initiative aims, essentially, to entertain children hospitalized in the hospital, in the context of the holiday season.

“That is why we came to celebrate with these children, bringing some gifts for them and food baskets for their companions”, said Fernando Oliveira. 

In another development the Standard Bank’s representative ensured that, “We will continue to show solidarity to this hospital and to celebrate regularly with children hospitalized here, which is an activity that is already considered as tradition at Standard Bank”, he said. 

On his turn, the administrator of the José Macamo General Hospital, Domingos Gento, thanked the bank’s initiative, assuming that “Solidarity Christmas” is a very important and incomparable event for the hospital. 

“Neste período do ano, o Standard Bank é a única instituição que se lembra das crianças internadas na nossa pediatria e nós ficamos muito felizes por isso”, revelou.

“At this season of year, Standard Bank is the only institution that really cares about the children hospitalized in our paediatric ward and we are very happy for that”, he said. 

Domingos Gento also spoke about the importance of this initiative, stating that “we have children from different social strata, so not all parents have the same capacity to meet their children’s needs when they are hospitalized.”

“Every year, Standard Bank has been providing special moments to every child, which is very positive”, he said. 

The Standard Bank’s “Solidarity Christmas” also takes place at Beira Central Hospital in the province of Sofala, in the Tete Provincial Hospital in Tete province, as well as in the Nacala District Hospital in the province of Nampula.

Events & Social Responsabilities

First branch in Ribáuè district

On Tuesday, December 26th, we have opened a new branch in the Ribáuè district in Nampula province, which, in addition to a traditional banking area, has a digital area, opened 24 hours a day, with ATMs for cash deposits.

Christmas with children

Children hospitalized at the nursery and wards of the Paediatric Services of José Macamo General Hospital (HGJM) benefited, on December 22nd, from a snack and basic foodstuff offered by Standard Bank, under the initiative “Christmas for Patients”,integrated as part of the corporate social responsibility of this financial services provider.