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Standard Bank helps restore Maxixe inhabitants’ citizenship

The city of Maxixe, in Inhambane, hosted the Citizenship Campaign, a Standard Bank’s initiative that aims the free issuance of documents, which took place from May 2nd to May 5th.

During this period about 2500 identity cards were issued, 900 birth certificates and 1000 NUIT's (Unique Tax Identification Number) were processed.
The implementation of the campaign in Maxixe is part of the Standard Bank’s activities carried out in that city as a way of helping the inhabitants recovery from cyclone Dineo effects, which devastated the province of Inhambane on February 15th, bringing Mourning in some families, in addition to causing material damages in many public and private infrastructures.

According to Standard Bank branch manager in that city, Jair Ismael, the identity cards, birth certificates and NUIT's free issuance campaign, purpose is to ensure that citizens have access to essential documents for the full benefit from their rights and compliance with their Duties.

"Citizens' adherence has exceeded our expectations and for us this has a great significance. The Citizenship campaign is improving people's lives, not only in the Maxixe city, but in all parts of the country where it (the campaign) has already passed by. "said Jair Ismael.

On his turn, the head of the District Civil Identification Services of Maxixe, Alexandre Benzane, made a positive evaluation of the campaign, which, in his opinion, supported the institution that represents approaching citizens.

"Massive participation has made us realize that there are many citizens who want to handle documents but do not do so for a variety of reasons, including lack of money, and Standard Bank has given them the opportunity," Said Alexandre Benzane, who informed that the Maxixe District Civil Identification Services have been serving between 80 to 100 people each day.

Simão Rafael, Mayor of Maxixe City Council, praised Standard Bank initiative, which gave citizens the opportunity to issue these important documents for free, being this the first time for some of them .
"This campaign comes after the city of Maxixe has been devastated by two disasters, namely the floods and cyclone Dineo, which destroyed several infrastructure and we believe that many citizens had lost their documents, hence the importance of the campaign. It is an opportunity for them to recover their BIs, NUITs and for some parents to register their children, "said the mayor of Maxixe.

It should be noted that children of the Cambine Orphanage children had also benefited from the Standard Bank initiative. The Orphanage is located in the district of Morrumbene, which, along with Chicuque Rural Hospital and Pedagogical University of Maxixe, received a check amount of 400,000.00 MT (Four hundred Thousand Meticais) in April, offered by the bank for rebuilding infrastructures destroyed by cyclone Dineo.

This is due to the fact that, when the check was handed over, the bank was informed that many of the children there had no identification documents, mainly the identity card.

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