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Standard Bank sponsors Moçambola Dinner

Standard Bank sponsors Moçambola Dinner, to be held on Friday February 2nd.  During the dinner the best athletes, referees, teams and other players of Moçambola 2017 will be awarded.  

In the event, which will also host a poll to select the matches of this year edition of the main national football competition, the bank will prize the União Desportiva de Songo and Costa do Sol, Moçambola 2017 champion and vice-champion.

The aim of the awards is to encourage the most active clubs in Moçambola to become more and more committed and, in general, to contribute to the growth and enhancement of the competition.

Standard Bank became the official bank of Moçambola in 2009, through an agreement signed with the Mozambican Football League (LMF) and has so far invested more than seventy million Meticais to support the competition.

Given the strong commitment of the only country's centenary banking institution to the development of Mozambican football, the agreement was renewed twice.

The last five years renewal is due to 2020. Until its end the bank will provide the global value of fifty million Meticais.

In addition to this amount, Standard Bank has been providing more funds to encourage the teams competing in Moçambola, through awards to each edition champions as well as through other prizes and actions to attract the public to the fields.

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