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The future starts now!

Standard Bank had launched on Wednesday, May 17th, in Maputo, the first Self Service branch, which will operate 24 hours a day, in order to allow quick and permanent access to the bank's services.

In fact, it is an Electronic Service Point, where customers can carry out all the transactions of a traditional branch with greater autonomy and without the intervention of banking managers.

In this innovative space equipped with state-of-the-art technology, customers will have iPads available for transactions in NetPlus (Internet Banking) and NetPlus App (Mobile Banking); ATMs for deposits and withdrawals; Digital kiosks for cheque deposit, cheque books, cards requisition and payment of miscellaneous services.

Speaking after the ribbon-cutting, which marked the branch opening of the counter, Standard Bank's Chairman of the Board of Directors, Tomaz Salomão, said that this innovation aims to literally radicalize customers’ experience, understanding and satisfying their needs, making access to the bank faster, more efficient and with minimal costs.

Addressing the guests, the chairman considered that "this branch comes to put power in customers’ hands. There are no queues here and you no longer depend on the availability of branch operators, although they are here to assist you if necessary. All transactional needs are made according to your convenience and priority, "said the chairman.

Tomaz Solomon took the opportunity to talk about the other advantages of the Self Service branch, namely free internet access for configuring bank applications on their own electronic devices as well as for surfing the internet in the on-site available pause area.

Em termos globais, os clientes vão beneficiar de todos os serviços bancários sem ter que interagir com alguém, pois, para além das ferramentas disponíveis para transacções, o espaço está equipado com telas táteis de informação através das quais se pode, também, submeter sugestões e colocar questões.

In global terms, customers will benefit from all banking services without having to interact with anyone because, in addition to the tools available for transactions, the space is equipped with information touchscreen displays through which one can also, Submit suggestions and queries.

The Self Service branch increases the number of Standard Bank digital channels, which already includes Quiq, NetPlus, NetPlus App, Digital Kiosks, ATMs for deposits and Customer Hotline, which can be accessed free of charge 24 hours a day, Including holidays, through the number 800 412 412.

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