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ATM  - Nampula Av. Paulo Samuel Kankhomba, Nº 6 Nampula
ATM  - Bombas Exito Av. Trabalho, Zona Faia Nampula
ATM  - Nampula Av. Paulo Samuel Kankhomba, Nº 6 Nampula
ATM  - CDM Nampula Estrada Nacional ,Bairro Muatala Nampula
ATM  - Monica Shoping Rua de Quelimane, R/C,Bairro Mua Nampula
ATM  - Museu Av. Eduardo Mondlane, Nº 37 Nampula
ATM  - Cuamba Av. Eduardo Mondlane, n.129 Cuamba
ATM  - Lichinga Av. Filipe Samuel Magaia Lichinga
ATM  - Nacala Baixa Rua 9, Praça da Independência Nacala
ATM  - Nacala Alta Rua IX, Nº 98, R/C Nacala
ATM  - Apt Int Nacala Aeroporto Int. Nacala Nacala
ATM  - Nacala Alta 2 Rua IX, Nº 98, R/C Nacala
ATM  - Complexo Nautilus Zona Complexo Nautilus Pemba
ATM  - Pemba Av. Eduardo Mondlane, Nº 14-1 Pemba
ATM  - Maq 3 Pemba Cariaco  Bairro Cariaco, Est. Nacional N1 Pemba

Events & Social Responsabilities

Pay your water bill through QuiQ

On Tuesday, February 20th in Maputo, Standard Bank and the Maputo Regional Water Company (AdeM) signed a Memorandum of Understanding for water bills payment through QuiQ and NetPlus / Business Online (BOL).

Standard Bank and ICBC finance game-changing Mozambique LNG deal

An approximately USD 8 billion investment in Mozambique’s Coral Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) development marks Mozambique’s first step as a regional and global offshore natural gas producer and supplier. The landmark energy deal is the first of its kind in the country and promises to transform Mozambique’s growth prospects