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Responsabilidade Social

Somos um Banco com mais de 120 anos em Moçambique e ao longo deste século procuramos sempre, conciliar a nossa performance financeira com a responsabilidade corporativa, impulsionando, desta forma, o desenvolvimento socioeconómico do país.

Relatório de Responsabilidade Social 2016

Events & Social Responsabilities

Economic outlook for 2017, presented in Economic Briefing

The country continues to take firm steps to overcome a set of challenges to restore macroeconomic stability, but progress remains slow and risks remain high, said Standard Bank chief economist Fáusio Mussá during the Economic Briefing, on Tuesday, July 4th, in Maputo, aiming to present the economic outlook for 2017 and discussing the various potential investments in the country.

Interoperability is one of the major challenges in the development and digitization of financial systems

Standard Bank sees interoperability as one of the greatest challenges in the development and digitization of financial systems, particularly electronic payments, in Mozambique.