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Clube de Chibuto vs Desportivo de Nacala inaugurates Moçambola 2018

The opening of Moçambola 2018 on Saturday, March 3rd in Chibuto was marked by appeals from Standard Bank and the Mozambican Football League (LMF) to Fair play, sporting truth and aim of the attackers so that the championship is full of goals.

In the ceremony prior to the opening game between Clube de Chibuto and Desportivo de Nacala, Standard Bank Board member António Macamo, speaking on behalf of the sponsors, called on clubs and supporters to adopt a Fair play stance in order to prevent the stadiums from becoming "battlefields".

António Macamo's appeals were also extensive to referees, who "should let players be the center of attention, because only in this way will they be honored in this championship, guiding by a posture of rigor and integrity in the performance of their work."

António Macamo explained that Standard Bank´s investment, the oldest partner of Moçambola, dates back to 2009. The source said that the Bank has already channeled more than 70 million Meticais to the championship with the sole and exclusive goal of making national football bigger.

"Everything we do at Moçambola is to inspire future generations, create roots for Mozambique to reach the best stages of world football and, above all, to provide moments of joy to the Mozambican people," said the member of the Board of Directors of Standard Bank, which reiterated the bank's sponsorship of this competition will last at least until 2020.

LMF Chairman Ananias Couana echoed the words of the member of the Board of Directors of Standard Bank regarding the need to observe Fair Play during the championship.

"To coaches, managers, players and supporters we call on them to face the games with great dedication and willingness to win, but having in mind that in football there are three possible outcomes: victory, draw and defeat," said Ananias Couana.

However, the president of the LMF added, "defeat cannot lead to violence or acts of beating in our sports venues. We all need to cultivate the spirit of fair play and lend our brilliance and professionalism to football. "

As for the game, the attackers of Chibuto and Nacala failed to respond to the goal call made by the official bank of Moçambola, and the match ended without opening a countdown.

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