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"It Can Be" is our new slogan

Standard Bank is evolving in the market as from today, 1st July 2020, assuming itself as a more creative, innovative, curious and entrepreneurial brand, to help realize the dreams of its customers and the public in general.

The bank's strategic transformation, materialized by the change from the slogan "Moving Forward" to "It Can Be", is in line with the assumption of being a true financial partner for customers in the identification of new forms and solutions aimed at the realization of dreams.

It is a testament to the bank's commitment to the country's socioeconomic development, which elevates the inspiration of Mozambicans even at times of great challenges such as the new coronavirus pandemic.

This repositioning is intended to meet the expectations of the public, particularly customers and employees, about the brand, as part of the constant concern to serve them better and better in a comprehensive and integrated way.

It also demonstrates the belief in the important role Standard Bank has been playing in the process of fulfilling the dreams of its customers, working together to overcome any obstacle and finding solutions to complex problems.

For the bank's Managing Director, Chuma Nwokocha, this change is the result of a very intense process that began about two years ago, and included discussion sessions with customers and employees to understand how they perceive the Standard Bank brand.

For a long time the Standard Bank brand promised to "make progress real" and did so through various socio-economic initiatives, which allowed customers and the country to move forward.

However, as he explained, these initiatives were very focused on the bank, i.e. on what the bank assumed to be relevant: "After listening to our customers and employees, we realized that they give priority to their dreams and would like to have a bank that understands them and that is available. They want a bank that is also a partner, that helps them," he explained.

That is why, added Chuma Nwokocha, the brand's promise now focuses entirely on the customer, and now looks to find new ways to make dreams come true.

Standard Bank. It Can Be.

Events & Social Responsabilities

NOTICE: Prohibition of external receipts via SWIFT MT103 in national currency

Please note that the Bank of Mozambique has communicated on the 10th June 2020 all commercial banks to not process inward payments in local currency, as they must be remitted to Mozambique in foreign currency, despite the beneficiary account being in MZN or in foreign currency.

Standard Bank plays leading role in Mozambique LNG financing

Standard Bank is one of the leading financial services providers involved in the financing of up to US $15 billion for the Mozambique LNG project, led by the French multinational Total, in the Rovuma basin, whose financing documents, confirming access to the senior debt, were signed on Wednesday, July 15.