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Open Dataton Maputo 2017 winners already known

The “MoreLife technology platform was the grand winner of the Open Dataton Maputo 2017 hackathon, an initiative of the Maputo City Council (CMM), in partnership with the World Bank and Standard Bank.

“MoreLife” was designed to link health centres to blood donors, facilitating the collection of this precious liquid, especially in cases where a specific blood type is being searched.

As explained by Paulo Safrão, representing the creators of “MoreLife”, blood donors can register in the application and indicate their blood group so that it can be requested whenever someone needs blood. After that, both people go to a health centre to undergo the transfusion”.

In the second and third place of the competition were the platforms “SISCOD” and “IMP +”, respectively. While the first is intended to avoid double allocation of land use rights (DUAT), the second seeks to eliminate cases of double taxation.
“Maputo Health Care” received the prize of honour, which is awarded to the best entrepreneurs.

The winning teams, of the 34 hours marathon were announced recenntly at the Standard Bank Incubator in Maputo, which will incubate for two weeks the four platforms that During this period, the teams will benefit from all the Incubator’s logistical resources and mentoring to improve the platforms, with a view to their final exhibition on the Maputo City Day.

In addition to this prize, the first, second and third places won online courses worth 65,000 meticais, 40,000 meticais and 25,000 meticais, respectively.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the marathon, the director of the CMM Urban Planning and Environment, Euclides Rangel, reiterated the city’s desire to achieve results that make feasible its governance agenda, aiming at improving municipal services.

Satisfied with the participation of around one hundred young people in the hackaton, which culminated in the presentation of a total of 17 platforms, Euclides Rangel assured that “there are signs of technological solutions that will bring greater effectiveness and efficiency for public services provided, keeping our city council always up to date and modern”.

Regarding his expectation about the final exhibitions of the platforms on Maputo City Day, Euclides Rangel assumed that “November 10th will not be the end of this exercise, in the sense that it will be permanent and challenging, so that municipal management continues to grow and to be much more useful”.

Euclides Rangel took the oppor tunity to express the desire to see the open data program replicated in other municipalities of the country, after Maputo city, that was the national pioneer.

In turn, Standard Bank representative Leovigildo Reis described Open Dataton Maputo 2017 as a program of extreme importance that transcend the highest values of knowledge sharing, technological innovation and creativity.

“It is with great satisfaction that we have noticed, from the beginning of this event, a huge and active involvement of all the participants. It is with great pride that Standard Bank is part of this great family of Open Dataton Maputo 2017”, he said.
For Leovigildo Reis, the concept of open data has revolutionized the way people look at the world in which they live, and through their use, people and organizations become active agents of innovative technological transformation.
“It is with great pride that we look to Mozambique as an example of implementation of this initiative, which will certainly contribute to the transparency of public management, theprovision of innovative services to the citizens and the creation of feasible business opportunities”, reiterated the representative of Standard Bank.

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