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Standard Bank employees support Matola Child Care Centre

Recently, Standard Bank employees organized a charity initiative at the Matola Child Care Centre in Maputo province, which consisted of painting the dormitories, cleaning and donating clothes, footwear, hygiene and cleaning products, as well as non-perishable food stuff.

In addition to these activities, under the corporate social investment of Standard Bank employees, associated to the celebrations of the 124th anniversary of the bank in Mozambique, they cooked a meal and had lunch with the residents of the child care centre, which is composed by children and adults, 82% of which with special needs.

After arriving to the place, employees distributed t-shirts to child care centre residents and were divided into three groups (cleaning, painting and cooking), and a leader was appointed for each group to allow better coordination of the work.

Manuel Munguambe, from the Administrative Department, was the leader of the cleaning group and explained that the work was successful because, they were divided into two sub-groups beforehand and identified the critical areas, mainly outside of the dormitories.

“We believe they do the cleaning every day, but maybe there are areas they cannot sweep often. That is why we have joined forces and cleaned them up. It was a good initiative”, he said.

Eulália Belchior, from the Finance Department, led the cooking group and spoke about the criteria behind the choice of ready-made dishes. “We chose something simple and appropriate for people with special needs.

As such, we prepared feijoada (beans curry), fries, grilled chicken and soup, which are the children’s favourite dishes, and are also nutritious”.

In another development, Eulália Belchior made a positive evaluation of the initiative, as well as the work carried out. “With the help of colleagues, everything went well. We would be in our homes doing other things, but we donated our time and we are here to spend the day with the children”.

This opinion was shared by Leovigildo Reis, from the Information Technology Department, who was the leader of the painting group. “It is a good initiative, not because it is associated with the celebration of the 124th anniversary of Standard Bank, but because the employees have joined for a greater cause. We leave here with a stronger spirit of service and interaction.”

Regarding the painting, Leovigildo Reis said that the group had the help of a professional painter, who shared the basics of the process. “We did well, although it was the first time we did such a job. Thanks to the painter and the colleagues we were able to do this”.

With the initiative, the employees intended to provide a different and special day to the residents of the centre, who arrive at that place through the Provincial Directorate of Social Action of Maputo, coming from the police stations and delegations of the National Institute of Social Action (INAS).

“We decided to provide a different day to the residents of this centre, offering what is most important for us: love and affection. It is very gratifying to spend the day with them, because they hardly see other people besides those who are part of their environment”, said Standard Bank Head of Marketing and Communications Alfredo Mucavela.

Matola Child Care Centre has benefited from Standard Bank’s corporate social responsibility initiatives since 2016, when it received an amount of 200,000 meticais from the bank to meet part of its needs.

Regarding the activity carried out, Alfredo Mucavela said it was gratifying, mainly because they made the children happy: “It was good to spend time with these children, to whom we promised to return another day”.

Paulo Sérgio, director of the centre, praised the work of Standard Bank employees, which, in his opinion, shows care for the wellbeing of children, particularly those with special needs. “Standard Bank and its employees are already friends with Matola Child Care Centre. This is not the first time they come here to show affection and love to the children. They have always been with us, contributing to the wellbeing of children with special needs”, said Paulo Sérgio, who added that the donations will help to meet the needs of the institution.

The 12 years old António Muchanga, also called by Tony, is one of the residents of Matola Child Care Centre. For him, more than the donations, Standard Bank employees took to that place something more important: protection: “It was great to have them spend the day with us. Their affection and help is very important for us and they transmit to us a sense of protection. Whenever they come, thedoors will always be open”, said little Tony.

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