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Standard Bank launches new brand campaign

Standard Bank launches a new brand campaign, called "Dreams", on Monday, 4th June in Maputo.The campaign, which has as its motto “At Standard Bank all your dreams are welcome”, shows to the public a picture of what is Standard Bank in the market and today, a bank of the future.

This is an initiative that has emerged in the continuation of the message sent to the market by this financial services provider in the recent past, where Standard Bank considers its clients and all Mozambicans to be real people with dreams and aspirations, not just numbers.

Divided into several phases, the campaign “Dreams” includes sharing some dreams that Standard Bank has already helped to achieve both privately and collectively, through its involvement in structuring projects for the country, such as the recent financing for the construction of the Floating Liquefied Natural Gas Platform (FLNG) in Palma, in the province of Cabo Delgado.

In fact, through this campaign, Standard Bank invites all Mozambicans who wish to achieve their dreams to come closer and share their stories or needs, since through the various transactional, savings, credit and insurance solutions, the bank can make those dreams come true.

From the set of dreams that Standard Bank proposes to make real, as long as the “dreamers” - clients and all Mozambicans - meet certain eligibility criteria according to the general principles of banking services, such as entrepreneurial initiatives.

This “dream” of many young people is already coming true, in part, through the Standard Bank Business Incubator, whose purpose is to help young people take the first step in business and make their dreams come true as well as to invigorate the activity of SME-Small and Medium Enterprises.

In recent years, through the citizenship project, implemented in various parts of the country, Standard Bank has made the dream of more than 25,000 people come alive to acquire citizenship, with the free issuance of IDs, Birth Certificates, Birth Registration and Birth Records.

Standard Bank facilitated, with subsidized interest rates, the financing for the acquisition of housing, as part of the construction project of 5,000 houses, in the Intaka neighborhood, in the municipality of Matola, thus fulfilling the dream of several citizens of acquiring their own houses.

As for culture and sport, the only centennial financial services provider in the country has helped many Mozambicans achieve the dream of attending the most famous jazz festival on the African continent, Standard Bank Joy of Jazz, in South Africa, as well as making it possible for the Mozambicans players to compete in an internationally credible tennis tournament, Standard Bank Open in Maputo.

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Artigo 10 da Lei n° 14/2013, de 12 de Agosto

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