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ATM  - Nampula Av. Paulo Samuel Kankhomba, Nº 6 Nampula
ATM  - Bombas Exito Av. Trabalho, Zona Faia Nampula
ATM  - Nampula Av. Paulo Samuel Kankhomba, Nº 6 Nampula
ATM  - CDM Nampula Estrada Nacional ,Bairro Muatala Nampula
ATM  - Monica Shoping Rua de Quelimane, R/C,Bairro Mua Nampula
ATM  - Museu Av. Eduardo Mondlane, Nº 37 Nampula
ATM  - Cuamba Av. Eduardo Mondlane, n.129 Cuamba
ATM  - Lichinga Av. Filipe Samuel Magaia Lichinga
ATM  - Nacala Baixa Rua 9, Praça da Independência Nacala
ATM  - Nacala Alta Rua IX, Nº 98, R/C Nacala
ATM  - Apt Int Nacala Aeroporto Int. Nacala Nacala
ATM  - Nacala Alta 2 Rua IX, Nº 98, R/C Nacala
ATM  - Complexo Nautilus Zona Complexo Nautilus Pemba
ATM  - Pemba Av. Eduardo Mondlane, Nº 14-1 Pemba
ATM  - Maq 3 Pemba Cariaco  Bairro Cariaco, Est. Nacional N1 Pemba

Events & Social Responsabilities

NOTICE: Prohibition of external receipts via SWIFT MT103 in national currency

Please note that the Bank of Mozambique has communicated on the 10th June 2020 all commercial banks to not process inward payments in local currency, as they must be remitted to Mozambique in foreign currency, despite the beneficiary account being in MZN or in foreign currency.

Standard Bank plays leading role in Mozambique LNG financing

Standard Bank is one of the leading financial services providers involved in the financing of up to US $15 billion for the Mozambique LNG project, led by the French multinational Total, in the Rovuma basin, whose financing documents, confirming access to the senior debt, were signed on Wednesday, July 15.