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Credit facility

A business revolving credit plan is a loan where repayments are made in equal monthly instalments. You only pay interest on the amount you use.

Once you have paid back 25% of the loan, you can withdraw the funds up to the original limit.

The benefits

  • The loan can be linked electronically to your business account, so you can transfer funds electronically
  • You can redraw up to the original amount without having to reapply
  • Easy cash flow planning because of fixed monthly payments.
  • Medium Term Loan.
  • Interest is linked to prime.
  • The amount of the loan, the interest rate and your repayment plan depend on how much collateral you have, and the value of the assets you want to buy.
  • You can agree to a repayment plan that suits your business and cash flow
  • We will not call for repayments faster than the terms agreed to, provided the terms and conditions of the loan are being met.

Events & Social Responsabilities

Pague as despesas da sua empresa nas nossas plataformas digitais

Pague as despesas da sua empresa nas nossas plataformas digitais

Standard Bank oferece uma sessão de cinema a clientes e colaboradores

O Standard Bank proporcionou, no dia 14 de Fevereiro, uma sessão de cinema a mais de trinta casais, constituídos por clientes e colaboradores, numa das salas da cidade Maputo, por ocasião da celebração do Dia dos Namorados.