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Getting Started

You've taken the first step. You've decided to start your own business. But going it alone doesn't mean you have to do it without a little help. Our years of experience and expertise will help you with the daunting task of running your own business.

When starting a business, you are faced with many decisions such as, what type of business should I start and how do I go about applying for finance. This section will help you answer these important questions.

Before getting started it is a good idea to come and speak to one of our business bankers. They are situated at branches across the country. They will offer you practical advice and answer any questions you have about your business banking requirements. They will help by looking at your business plans, setting up accounts and arranging finance for you. Our business bankers have a team of support staff and analysts, who will ensure you get the best banking services available.

Our mobile bankers will visit you at your business. A mobile banker can explain our products in detail, have a look at your business needs, and discuss and recommend banking solutions for you.

Events & Social Responsabilities

Pague as despesas da sua empresa nas nossas plataformas digitais

Pague as despesas da sua empresa nas nossas plataformas digitais

Standard Bank oferece uma sessão de cinema a clientes e colaboradores

O Standard Bank proporcionou, no dia 14 de Fevereiro, uma sessão de cinema a mais de trinta casais, constituídos por clientes e colaboradores, numa das salas da cidade Maputo, por ocasião da celebração do Dia dos Namorados.