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Products and Services


This is a product offered by Standard Bank to its clients which provides an efficient and personalised means to deposit cash, cheques and electronic credits as follows:


Cash continues to be a major method of payment for goods and services in Mozambique, and may be withdrawn over the counters of any branch of the bank or at any ATM (maximum limit of 5 thousand MT, which may be increased to 9,900.00 thousand MT at the client’s request).


The bank offers short-, medium- and long-term floating rate deposits, in accordance with market conditions.


An overdraft is a facility linked to the client’s account, with a previously agreed limit. Since withdrawals may be effected at any time, this type of facility is ideal to pay daily expenses, especially to overcome shortfalls when the client has cash problems.

Trade Finance

Includes the pre- and post-financing of exports and imports of goods and capital goods.

International Banking

As one would expect from a bank that holds sizeable sums in foreign currencies, the conversion of domestic into foreign currency represents no problem in the event of dividend transfers, imports and other payments in foreign currency (subject to approval by the Central Bank). Standard Bank’s services include:

Forward Exchange Rate

O contrato de câmbio a vista permite-lhe comprar ou vender uma moeda em troca de outra.

Traveller’s Cheques

The use of Traveller’s Cheques is the safest and easiest way of protecting your money while travelling.

Notes in Foreign Currency

Standard Bank buys and sells foreign currency, charging competitive rates and fees.

Telegraphic Transfers

A telegraphic transfer is a way of transferring money abroad via telegraph, from one bank to another.

Events & Social Responsabilities

Pague as despesas da sua empresa nas nossas plataformas digitais

Pague as despesas da sua empresa nas nossas plataformas digitais

Standard Bank oferece uma sessão de cinema a clientes e colaboradores

O Standard Bank proporcionou, no dia 14 de Fevereiro, uma sessão de cinema a mais de trinta casais, constituídos por clientes e colaboradores, numa das salas da cidade Maputo, por ocasião da celebração do Dia dos Namorados.